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The TaylorMade R1 Driver will make golfers happy

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve found this extraordinary driver from Taylormade, the most technologically advanced driver the brand has ever made, called the R1. The R1 driver is made to fit all sizes and preferences and is the result of long research that Taylormade has conducted under the assistance of 800 regular players of golf.

The conclusion of the result shows that 80% of the players are playing the wrong loft, while 24% of them had the incorrect loft by at least 2 degrees. The R1 is able to provide 12 different loft options and seven face angle settings – this comes as great help to golfers by making it easier for them to find the optimal launch angle.

If it were to make a parallel between the R1 and the extremely popular R11S, the balance tints towards the R1 when talking about the independent adjustability of the face angle and loft. Mathematically, there are 168 different ways to fit the driver for the perfect swing.

The aerodynamic side of the project has been considered as well. Taylormade have revamped the sole in order to better the aerodynamic index, therefore increasing the speed of the ball by as much as ½ mph. And there’s also an aesthetical side to the R1, which is quite developed to be honest – they are sleek and ergonomic, finished in matte white and black, alongside grey and orange graphic additions. The matte aspect reduces the overall glare effect, resulting in a V-shape which improves the driver’s alignment.

Taylormade’s R1 Driver will be available for purchase during February 2013.

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