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Vilner refines the interior of the Mercedes SLS AMG

By Adrian Prisca


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We can almost be qualified as a bit bonkers considering the number of times we’ve mentioned the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG so far. As you probably expect, we’re going to do it again right now, this time thanks to a gorgeous interior upgrade that makes the car even more attractive.

The interior of this SLS AMG was refined by a Bulgarian firm called Vilner Studio, a company that’s pretty skilled at creating one of a kind interiors for all sorts of cars. They’ve trimmed this particular piece for a customer whose name is Sergey Kries.

The newly-manufactured outfit consists of a steering wheel wrapped in leather and Alcantara, alongside a storage pocket found between the seats, which has also been covered in exquisite leather.

In addition, Vilner has fitted the SLS AMG with a superb trunk which boasts with an embroidered AMG badge on a double tone Alcantara upholstery. And that’s just about it.


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