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The Ultra-Luxurious SIM2 Lumis Fuoriserie Projector

By Brody Patterson


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World-famous Italian multimedia brand SIM2 is known for its amazing high-end products, but the limited edition projector we are about to showcase is truly something special even by those standards.

Showcased for the first time at CES 2013, the SIM2 Lumis Fuoriserie (an Italian word to describe a custom built, high-performance, exclusive and expensive car) is an amazing piece of equipment. Just like a luxurious sports car, every part of this Fuoriserie has been made using the finest, carefully-selected components, put together while following cutting-edge methods, ensuring the end result is a technological masterpiece. Not only that, but with its fine red finish and sleek lines, the Fuoriserie is quite visually appealing as well.

It has to be, really. The SIM2 Lumis Fuoriserie is only available at the brand’s premier dealers and with only 30 pieces set to be made, it’s as exclusive as it gets. Even the price rivals that of a top luxury car: those who want one of these projectors will have to dig deep in their pockets to find the $100,000 needed to get one.


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