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Tony Cochran’s steampunk guitars look amazing

By Adrian Prisca


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Guitar enthusiasts, we have an eye-watering surprise for you and those alike. We’re presented exquisite guitars in the past as well, this time though we’ll show these Steampunk style pieces. With no coincidence at all, Tony Cochran’s guitars carry behind them an entire load of history, just like Steampunk culture. Tony intended to combine unused guitars with history, creating musical treasures.

Having gone through a whole array of processes, like leather wrapping, metal-work and riveting, they finally received a superb industrial-like look and also kept their purpose. It’s time we presented a few of them with a bit of detail. The Alumicaster Guitaris, one of Tony’s favorite pieces, with a Stratocaster-like look, is encased in aluminum that comes from the Porsche James Dean died in.

Following Tony’s statement, its original owner tore off the leather from the door and used aluminum sheets to repair some of the guitar’s cracks, now being for sale at a price of $2,030. The next one, the Adjudicaster, has a rather interesting story. It’s crafted from parts of an electric guitar whose pieces were found by Mary Freidenhower’s mother back in 1959, combined with other parts coming from an incomplete guitar abandoned by her father before going to prison.

Furthermore, it’s acquirable for $1,859. The last one we’ll detail, the Tokyocaster, was originally found in 1964 by Private Eldon R, while walking through a burned out village, in a steamy pile of garbage. In spite of some corrosion and burns, it was still playable, and now is available for $2,030.

His guitars are currently available for sale, with an average price of $1,500 per piece. The whole collection features 17 guitars.


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