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The Recreational Island by BMT Nigel Gee & Henry Ward Design

By Adrian Prisca


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Though we find it pretty odd, we’ll present you something that’s cooler than a yacht or a resort, a man made floating island. The heads of a branch of the BMT Group, BMT Nigel Gee, announced their collaboration with Henry Ward Design for penning down and creating a brand new concept, the “Recreational Island”.

It is practically a floating platform, able to fold and also featuring the possibility of being stored inside the tender bay of large yachts. It may be launched at water via the tender cranes and towed by the same tender to the future owners’ desired position. Deployed, it will measure 10m x 8m and could easily fit into shallow bays or can even serve as an extension of the yacht’s transom platform, it could also be easily used as a dining area or simply a supplementary lounge spot, followed by a whole array of other purposes, either as a portable helipad or any other additionally needed space.

There are a few more things to consider regarding this project, like the fact that it represents the final year project of Henry Ward, a recent graduate of Transport Design. The idea was considered a great business opportunity by BMT, followed by their investment in the technical studies to test the project’s feasibility as well as interest in further engineering.

Yacht Design Director James Roy declared that the project perfectly fits BMT Nigel Gee, also adding that “we recognize that creativity drives innovation and it is encouraging to see young designers such as Henry initiating ideas such as the Recreational Island. We are strong believers in recognizing that the creation and development of new ideas is best accomplished in a collaborative manner – bringing together unique capabilities to achieve the optimum result.”

We totally agree with James Roy, adding that the team considers applying the project into hotel industry, event organizing and military and also that Henry Ward currently awaits investors for his projects.


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