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This London Church Conversion Is incredible and for sale!

By Victor Baker


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London Church conversion

It doesn’t really matter if you’re the religious type or not, because we’re sure you will be completely mesmerized by this jaw dropping London church conversion. You don’t see everyday a Gothic church building transformed into a decadent set of digs, that’s why I’m really curious what you people have to say about this interesting project.

This one of a kind luxury mansion from London is all kinds of awesome, and it’s up for the grabs – if you happen to have around $15.5 million in your bank accounts. I, for one, feel a bit estranged by the fact that so many sins have probably been confessed right within those walls.

However, while it retains its original church look outside, inside the added touch of style and luxury complement its walls beautifully.

London Church conversion

Rows of pews and crosses have been removed and replaced, as the church now features heated parquet floors and lovely marble details. It uses the full-height sanctuary for a living room and cooking area, while it also boasts a single bedroom on one floor and three bedrooms with en suites on the floors above.

There’s also a full bar with room for up to six stools, making it a perfect after hours spot – which is a bit ironic, if you ask me; if not sacrilegious. The church conversion home also comes with an impressive private patio, with its own waterfall, the original stained glass windows, and even a gym. The question is: who dares to purchase this beautiful property?

London Church conversion

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