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This Death Star Ring Looks Far More Dangerous Than Star Wars Creators Intended

death star engagement ring

That may just sound like an exaggeration, but it’s the true story of every man around the world. We fear wars and wish not to fight them, but nothing scares us more than the thought of an engagement ring and popping the question. What about marriage? Let’s not go there and instead, focus on the subject at hand.

Star Wars is now a legendary decades-old franchise, and the latest release has got people from all over the world excited; so excited, that some of you might actually put this impressive Star Wars jewelry to good use. Inspired by a rather sinister part of the story, the Death Star engagement ring is supposed to put out a message of love, loyalty, and eternal friendship – really?

death star engagement ring

I’m not buying that, on so many levels. Sold by AlienFormsJewelery, this engagement ring is comprised of a band with filigree designs, while the spherical Death Star replaces every girl’s best friend – that’s the diamond, in case you were not paying attention. However, it is worth mentioning that the star can (and should) be fitted with not one, but two precious stones, one at the top with another one on the side.

In terms of shades and materials, you can choose between a traditional white, yellow or rose gold version, platinum and even sterling silver. But please note that the 18k gold and platinum versions, set with a diamond, will cost you quite a lot, going closer or over $2,000. For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember; did Darth Vader have a girlfriend? I know Anakin had.

death star engagement ring



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