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The Western Shores Of Antigua Welcome You To The Sublime Sugar Ridge

By Victor Baker


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Sugar Ridge

Sugar Ridge is in a league and class of its own. Perched on a hillside, somewhere in the western side of Antigua, this sublime location stands out through the lush greenery and sugar cane. Somewhat similar to the white hillside resorts you usually visit in the Mediterranean, Sugar Ridge boasts a clean design palette that’s beautifully complemented by the thick greenery that’s always present on Antigua’s rolling hills.

Guestrooms offer incredible views of the palm-framed beaches; grouped into fours, each guestroom boasts private entrance-ways, not to mention elegant decors. Polished stone floors set the stage for canopy beds and crisp-edged wooden furnishings, and of course, there are also modern amenities like LCD TVs or iPod Docks, but I doubt you’ll be using them.

Sugar Ridge

We also doubt you’ll ever get bored or tired of this place. Sugar Ridge’s electronic buggies will take you on a joyride in Antigua while the sun’s warmth will make all your worries go away. If you’re feeling hungry, the Sugar Club offers a breakfast of eggs, fresh bread, delicious coffee, and preserves – obviously, the menu is way more extensive than that.

But the resort’s private beach is definitely the place to spend your time. Here, scuba diving, sport fishing, and simply chilling out in the sun, with a cold drink, are part of the appealing package. If nothing else does it for you, feel free to head on out to the spa, where one of the four treatment rooms awaits to spoil the living daylight out of you. You’re welcome!

Sugar Ridge

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