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This Luxurious Vipp Shelter Is The Way To Wait For The Zombie Apocalypse

By Victor Baker


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Vipp shelter

Sure, everyone talks about it, and if it weren’t a serious subject, what would Brad Pitt be doing starring in a Zombie movie? Probably no one can answer that in total honesty or knowledge, but we do know that there are more ways than one to survive, and we usually prefer the luxury way. Featuring a minimalist presence, blending beautifully with its surrounding environment, the Vipp shelter is truly impressive and can be easily transported wherever you want.

Separating you from the elements are a few hard sheets of steel and glass, a decision made by chief designer Morten Bo Jensen. The shelter’s lower level en-trance boasts a storage compartment, two empty cabinets plus a Miele washing machine and tumble dryer.

Furthermore, on the lower lever there’s also the bathroom, with a floating white sink, three drawers and a large horizontal mirror. You’ll also appreciate the Vipp-engraved door handles and the toilet brush, adding to the exclusivity and importance of your survival.

This shelter’s sleek, minimalist decor is complemented by the lovely sitting area, where the beautiful views before you will leave you breathless.

Vipp shelter

Six panoramic glass sliding glass doors keep the living room isolated from the outside, with the black leather daybed is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy life – literally. Past the mesmerizing fireplace, you’ll find the kitchen where an island with a three-burner stove, sink and various working spaces make you feel like you’ve never left home. This luxurious shelter also comes with two pendant lamps, a garbage bin and even a cutlery set and drinking glasses.

Preceded by a short ladder, the shelter’s cozy bedroom impresses with an incredible view of the sky – perfect for star gazing, or simply for counting the number of threats outside. Construction of this shelter is easier than you’d expect, making the Vipp shelter more than popular among potential buyers.

All you need to do is secure a piece of land and get in touch with a local contractor, who will fit everything you might need; this works fast, as everything is pre-fabricated in Frederiksvaerk, Denmark. For $585,000 USD, you can have your own shelter delivered in five to six months and make Brad Pitt envious.

Vipp shelter

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