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The Trumstand dock for the iPhone by Pleiades Designs

By Adrian Prisca


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iPhone enthusiasts all over the world are continuously looking for more advanced, more innovative and better-designed docks for their beloved gadgets. Pleiades Designs, a Japanese company, presents the Trumstand dock, a horned-shaped speaker made from brass.

The nice thing about this weird amenity is that it doesn’t feature any electronic component to help amplify the iPhone’s sound, but the natural shape and acoustics of the horn-looking speaker. The sounds gets transmitted from the iPhone to the base of the speaker, where it passes through thick alloy pieces that minimize vibrations, then comes out of the instance through the horn and beautifully enchants our ears.

The concept, though it can be considered quite intriguing, will come at a price of around $2,000 for the gold version, while the silver one comes at a lower $1,800. Be it for looks or simply diversity, choosing one of these may prove a nice decision.


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