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Complete Technique x Nike Snowboarding – “American Eagle” Zoom Force 1

By Adrian Prisca


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Osamu Koyama, the mastermind behind Complete Technique jewelry label, scarcely mentioned something some time ago about the ZF-1 snowboard boots signed Nike Snowboarding and that he will take part in this Shoeshine Project 2012. The “American Eagle”, as they were named by the crafters, represent the result of the respective collaboration.

The design is influenced from the Japanese anime Saint Seiya and manga “Berserk”, being the main theme of the design. What Koyama did is molding every gold plate he used and shaping it around the middle-placed Zoom-Force 1. He then added an opal pendant to the front side of the boot.

These boots, in their opulence, can even suit the goddess of victory, Nike. Even though some sportsmen would consider them useless, they still represent a true work of art, showing the great skill of their crafters. Prices and availability are yet unknown.


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