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The stunning Villa Ronde on Japan’s coast

By Adrian Prisca


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With a round design built for the Japanese winds and sunlight, this Ciel Rouge Creation and Henri Gyeundan Architects masterpiece, the Villa Ronde, decorates the Nippon landscape with its white walls, a naturally green roof and wooden lines. This mansion is built around the principle of mystery; anyone looking from near the sea towards its location will be trying to guess whether it’s a sculpture or a stand-alone home.

The natural conditions emphasize this, with winds that silently blow throughout the courtyard and lights penetrating the perforated facades. The design adds more light to the estate through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows and the curling staircases add to its modernity.

The whole place is covered in vegetation, from grassy areas to evergreen specimens. These add a marvelous contrast to the white lineage of the mansion. Guests can view the ocean below from the rear of the house, standing on an open stone patio – a great escape from the overcrowded Japan metropolis.


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