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Porsche Stingray GTR with Gold/Crocodile Interior

By Adrian Prisca


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By choosing a Porsche Panamera Turbo S and tuning it to the most extreme extravagance possible, the Russian tuning company TopCar, has decided to put any car-manufacturer out there to the corner. Built with crocodile skin and gold-finish interior, this masterpiece is going to scare every eco-lover in the world. It will come as a limited edition, so that the croc population doesn’t get exterminated.

The car will possess ADV.1 ultra-light forged disks and the “Stingray” wide body kit, to add to its name, while the engine and mechanical parts will be kept original. The interior will be totally covered in crocodile skin, the finishes will consist of huge quantities of gold and the wooden decorations will be made of Karelian Birch, a tree found only in Finland and, of course, Russia.

In spite of all these, even the most “tooth and nailed” ecologists out there will love the contrasts inside this piece of engineering. It has been announced that the Porsche Stingray GTR will be produced in 25 copies, but the price hasn’t yet been made public.


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