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Epoque Reference loudspeakers by Gobel

By Adrian Prisca


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It has previously been proven that carbon fiber is no longer used strictly in vehicle-related industry, but in audio-video technology as well. Some good examples are Carboton Matraisse (available at $50,000) or the Prerenaissance set (priced at around $140,000), with extraordinary audio performance. The latest that have come onto the market are the Epoque speakers, by Göbel.

Comprising the well-known Göbel-patented bending wave-driver with 8 aluminum passive radiators and 4 long throw chassis, this set offers great audio performance and dispersion, in spite of the vertical layout they possess. They are customizable at the client’s wish, from the semi-glossed finish they can take up to two color options, brilliant white and black.

They have been galvanized through anodized treatment, for a uniquely smooth finish, while their body is mostly made of aluminum. The speakers’ membrane is made out of 9 layers of carbon fiber, the composite board consists of 15 mm aluminum acoustic baffles and the sound produced varies in frequency from 20Hz up to a staggering 31Mhz.

Each instance carries 6 outlets with 12 subwoofers and a front-mounted control panel, all these being able to let out a sound that tickles every ear out there, whether listening to black metal music or chill-out and lounge. While only someone that has experience in audio-tech can hear the true value of this set, the average listener may pick some better-looking ones, like the ones previously mentioned. Sound is the name of the game for this marvelous set.


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