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Rolls Royce-inspired Illusion Superyacht by Raffles Yacht

By Adrian Prisca


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A new sailing marvel, the Illusion superyacht, is built to bring the Rolls Royce design and perfection in craftsmanship to the wealthy Chinese population. Estimated to be finished in 2014, this masterpiece is an addition to Rolls Royce’s China targeted luxury vehicles, besides the $3,8 million Phantom car and the “Year of the Dragon” edition of Rolls Royce Phantom. It will feature all types of luxury-related amenities with a modern minimalistic theme.

The Raffles shipyard will be constructing the 90-meter-long vessel which will be able to accommodate 14 guests and 27 staff. The decks will consist of double-bedded staterooms, open-air lounge areas, swimming pool, and perhaps a cinema theatre, gymnasium and spa.

The producers haven’t let out too many details about the yacht, but they promise easy access to extravagance and relaxation. The ship is sure to be decorated with rare brass Chinese art-work, and it will be fully customizable. The two 3000 HP engines will be built by Rolls Royce; the vessel will be able to reach a maximum speed of 20 knots, with a bit lower cruise speed.


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