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1969 BMW ‘Spicup’ Convertible Coupe up for auction

By Adrian Prisca


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Based on the model designed and built in 1969, the BMW Bertone Spicup coupe convertible is made out of completely refurbished parts based on the original projects and designs, a brand new paint-job comprising many green tones. It is programmed to be auctioned at an event by Bonham’s.

In the 1960’s, during a well-known revolution of culture, music, fashion and beliefs, the showcase engineer Enzo Congolani was summoned by BMW to prove his mastery in car-related industry. Thus, the BMW Bertone Spicup coupe convertible came to life, with brand new ideas and an innovative retractable roof.

The rare model hadn’t been put into production by BMW, but it was presented at car shows around the world, like 1969 Concorso de Eleganza, the Frankfurt Motor Show, and, of course, the 1969 Geneva Saloon. Its leather-packed interior and extravagant design and paint-work weren’t the only characteristics that grabbed the public’s attention; the engine was one as well – a straight-6 2.5-liter work-of-art.

After being owned by multiple people and suffering a loss in appeal, plus time spent in the BMW museum, this particular car has been completely refurbished and now it’s put on sale by Bonham’s, with an expected price of around $615,000.


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