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The Secret To A Capsule Wardrobe? The Right Foundation Garments

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As minimalism becomes more popular as a lifestyle philosophy, a new type of wardrobe has come to the fore – the capsule wardrobe. Essentially a simplified wardrobe with mix-and-match pieces, a capsule wardrobe is designed to meet all of your needs while minimizing the number of garments you own. Developed by boutique owner Susie Faux back in the 1970s, capsule wardrobes caught on in the 1980s when the designer Donna Karan adopted the idea and released a complete capsule collection.

Take a look at today’s capsule collections, like the high-end collaboration between Net-a-Porter and Balmain, though, and while you’ll notice is that they’re all missing some key pieces: foundation garments. From bras and panties to shapewear, your capsule wardrobe is incomplete without those foundation pieces. The following items will help round out your collection and ensure that you have exactly what you need, no matter what outfit you’ve put together.

Shapewear – For Top And Bottom

One of the must-have items Net-a-Porter emphasizes in their guide to capsule collections is a silk slip dress, and while such garments are definitely timeless, they’re not always easy to pull off. With the right shapewear, though, you can smooth out all those little lumps for a flawless look. The Maidenform shapewear collection includes everything you need, from camisoles to thigh slimmers, to create perfect curves under that dress.

Basic Bras

Shapewear may be the key to rocking formfitting looks, your capsule wardrobe is obviously incomplete without a few basic bras, and despite how small capsule collections are, you’re going to need several. If you want to wear a classic white shirt, for example, you need a skin-tone bra – Savage X Fenty has one for every woman, while a basic t-shirt bra will help you don any top with confidence. And you can’t overlook the value of a properly-fitting strapless bra. We all find ourselves in situations, even if it’s just your sister’s wedding or an occasional party, where you need to go strapless, and it’s best not to be hunting down that key piece of lingerie at the last minute.

Underwear For Underneath

Finally, we’d be remiss to overlook the importance of having the right underwear as part of your capsule collection, and so we might as well start with the least pleasant of the bunch – thongs. Even if you’ve moved past the thong-wearing years of your life, it’s always wise to have one in your wardrobe for garments like the silk slip dress mentioned above, and to wear under formfitting dress pants.

Beyond the thong, it’s totally okay to let it go and opt for more comfortable daily wear options for your underwear. In fact, fashion experts see the thong as having gone much the same way as the push-up bra – no one wants to wear them anymore, but the fact is, sometimes they make the outfit. The rest of the time, women are embracing their curves and choosing underwear that fit comfortably. That will certainly work fine under looser dresses, skirts, and jeans, and even under modern rompers, all of which are at the heart of most capsule wardrobes.

Capsule collections tend to overlook underwear because it’s dull and repetitive compared to assembling a timeless yet fashion-forward wardrobe, but you can’t do without it. As you plan your personal capsule, then, keep these items in mind. They may not be on your core list, but you’ll be underdressed without them.


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