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6 Ways To Spoil Your Family This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to have fun! Here are some ideas to keep the whole family happy this summer.

1. Spoil your pets

spoil your pets

If you have a dog, get that critter to a private water park like this couple did for their pup. Dogs that like water will go crazy splashing around in a shallow pool with a tunnel and sprinklers.

Of course, the water park will also provide fun for the kids, but you don’t have to explain that to your dog.

Dogs are the easiest pet to spoil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your cat (or any other creatures). If you have a cat, get him or her an indoor exercise wheel. It might sound silly, but watch these cats having a blast running at home on the One Fast Cat exercise wheel.

2. Keep up with safety

luxury pool

Safety is an essential factor in having a fun summer. Many people choose to have plenty of pool time as part of their summer fun.

Be sure to keep up with maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of pool parts as necessary. Don’t allow anyone to bring extension cords near the pool, and keep all electronic devices (phones, radios, etc.) far away.

Check for broken or loose tiles around the edge of the pool, and replace your diving board if there is any chance it might break. Diving boards are notorious for snapping mid-jump, as well as tossing swimmers into the water unexpectedly. This can result in injuries.

3. Have two babies? There’s a pool float for that

luxury pool floats

Normally, taking two babies into the pool means managing two pool floats — a substantial challenge if you’re by yourself. You could put them both in a round lounger, but then they can’t truly experience the water.

This cool float has room for both babies to float around with their legs dipped into the water; there’s even a spot for snacks (or sunscreen). The weight restriction is 40 pounds per child, so make sure they don’t exceed that.

4. Get comfortable patio furniture

luxury patio furniture

Nobody’s going to have any fun if they’re uncomfortable sitting on your patio chairs. Wrought-iron furniture might look great, but it’s not going to be comfy for your guests.

You don’t have to get rid of your “good” patio furniture, but you might want to add a few chairs, patio umbrellas and loungers that have comfortable seats and squishy cushions. Also, you needn’t purchase these additional items brand new: You may find comfortable patio furniture at thrift stores and garage sales.

5. Go somewhere fun and exciting


When was the last time you took a family vacation? If it’s been a while, plan one this summer with your family, even if it’s just a day trip. Don’t let your work responsibilities serve as an excuse not to enjoy yourself.

There are plenty of places you can go for the day without having to book a flight or drive through the night. You might even find a summer festival near your home. Just going to a park for some relaxing hours in great weather can qualify as a welcome family outing.

Where would your kids like to go? Plan some summer trips your kids want to take, even if they sound boring to you.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to go certain places because they’ll make you crazy, such as a bounce house filled with non-stop screaming kids, or the arcade with questionable food. But if it makes your kids happy, bring some earplugs and eat before you go.

6. Barbecue at the park (but cook the food ahead of time)


Having a barbecue at the park is a blast when people aren’t whining about being hungry and you’re not cleaning up the mess.

Here’s the secret: Instead of cooking the food from scratch at the park, pre-cook your chicken, hot dogs, and hamburger patties at home. Take them to the barbecue, warm them up on the grill, and they’ll have that smoky flavor in just a few minutes.

If you really hate having to clean up, cover the picnic table with garbage bags that are cut open at the seams to lie flat. When everyone’s done eating, remove everything from the table you don’t want to throw away, wrap the rest of it up in the garbage bags, and toss everything in the trash.

Enjoy the warmth of the summer sun while you can. Winter will be here before you know it.


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