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The Renard GT Is A Twisted Carbon Fiber Beast

By Victor Baker


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Renard GT

Combining a stealthy look with brilliant engineering and an ultra-light composite unibody, the Renard GT is ready to drop jaws left and right. This incredible machine looks like it traveled back from the future, with a longitudinally mounted V2 engine and nothing but high performance components, to remind us all that you get twice the fun on two wheels.

The bike’s unusually designed body integrates the GT’s frame, gondolas, the petrol tank and air box into a single sleek structure, with a very distinctive look. The rugged concept features a carbon-fiber monocoque reinforced with kevlar, which tips the scales at just 11 kilograms, but enhances resistance from impact and vibration.

Renard GT

All components which make up the Renard GT have been completely designed and modeled in 3D simulators; then they were milled from a solid block of hardened-aluminum by CNC machines, to ensure you get a high quality product, with a sophisicated look.

The stiff body shell, the reduced rotational masses or the low center of gravity will making riding this beast an unforgettable experience, every single time. Speaking of putting this thing through its paces, the V2 Moto Guzzi ‘quattrovalvole’ engine develops 125 ponies at 8,000 rpm, and could take the GT to a top speed of 230 km/h.

Dark, sleek, fast, and precise  – the Renard GT is just perfect if you ask us.

Renard GT

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