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The Prefab Podhouse might be the perfect winter escape

By Adrian Prisca


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The creators of the portable kitchen called Cuebe, ROB Gmbh (Robust Outdoor Brands) from Switzerland, are now pampering us with a new design of theirs, suggestively named the PODhouse. We’re practically talking about a project that consists of prefabricated modules that can make up a small-scale garden-home, a private holiday hideaway or even a secluded office.

The modules’ planning and construction has started during 2003, with a series of optimizations and improvements being made until now. Mainly, the purpose of the project was to better the camping experience during winter months in the Swiss Alps. Following the main idea of the Pods, we can easily deduct that they were built to withstand the elements, of FSC certified wood essences, with absolutely minimal interaction with the environment.

They feature efficient insulation of the doors and walls, double-glazed windows and doors, security and outstanding durability, thus creating a new very efficient location for living. There’s a possibility today to check on the Pods through a Flims-based firm, PODhotel, in Switzerland.

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They own a few PODs and are currently renting them to enthusiasts, set among dense woodlands, within the Swiss Alps. They are equipped with lighting, electricity and small, efficient space heaters, guests being able to choose between 2-bed and 3-bed ones.

By purchasing a POD for yourself, there’s an option to purchase an easy extension module that increases it by 2 meters and practically creates a few more space to keep your luggage, equipment, office or even for living. Other optional are an extended terrace that opens towards the surroundings and a solar roof panel.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any toilet- or bathroom-related options, available at the moment, though you may be able to cook yourself a great meal by also purchasing the Cuebe.  Available in two modules, the POD gets delivered fully assembled and ready to be lived in. Regarding the cost, simple PODhouses without solar panels go for $10,830, while a night spent at the PODhotel starts at $61.

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