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One of the best new yacht tender concepts is the Aqua 6 Morph Yacht Tender, project property of Aquamar, a Sicilian shipyard. The designing challenge was given to Keyframestudio, along with the restyling and designing of the entire range of yachts signed Aquamar, including the Aqua5, Aqua6, Aqua7 yachts.

Considered a revolution in the world of marine-mechanics, the Aqua 6 Morph Yacht Tender will feature a brand new design, squeezing every drop of creativity and any ideas from the brains of the guys of Keyframestudio. If you stare at the pictures below, you get the sensation that the interior and exterior lines of the boat should meet somewhere at the middle of it.

This was the main idea of its design – lines that seem not to start and not to end, but to just go on and on, both outside and inside the tender. Given the small sizes of the vessel (just 6 meters in length), the aforementioned idea was hard to pen down.

The vessel is controlled through a middle-placed console, but with a brand new layout – the functions that are commonly located underneath the console are actually implemented on the flanks, inside the side walls. Thus, a large storage facility was created within the console, the side volumes containing the kitchenette and fridge.

Furthermore, another mind-boggling (size-wise) feature of this vessel is the usage of space – it includes two large living spaces: aft, console and sun-bed/seat area are destined to serve as relaxing and driving spots, while the bow works as a living and comfort area.

Regarding the overall looks of the yacht, it seems to have a tough hydro- and aerodynamic shell that protects a softer interior. Furthermore, there’s a sensation of bio-design, probably due to the paintjob and sleek shapes. All these lead to a fine feeling of speed and maneuverability.

Designed as part of the Aqua line, the renowned series crafted by Aquamar, this particular vessel stands out of the crowd thanks to its lively shapes and sleek lines.


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