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Check out Volant Ski’s Precious Metal Ski Equipment

By Adrian Prisca


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We still have a few more weeks of snow suitable for skiing, so why shouldn’t we get some new gear fit for that? There are a large number of ultra-renowned brands out there that bring brand new pieces into the world of winter-sports, but there’s always someone that likes to stay away from the ordinary and wants something for exquisite, more different. For these and alike we present this gorgeous set of skis signed Volant.

Featuring precious metal finishing and exotic wood essences, this range of skis comes in three options – the R Silver, the Copper and the Loop models. For those more techie we present the Silver R, which cost around $1,573 a pair. The main impression they leave behind when cutting through the snow is the one of an arrow piercing through the white matter, due to its silver paintjob and sleek shapes.

For better control the crafters added a tip that assists landing and maneuvering among subsided surfaces activities. The Copper edition, priced at $3,015 a pair, is meant for all skier classes, being able to adapt to any style or foot size.

The Loop series is built for ladies, for whom the two other types would seem rather churl. They cost $1,837 per pair and actively help ladies control them better, also assuring a high level of comfort and elegance. They’re the lightest in all the series, feature a soft flex and a fine cohesion between exquisite fabrics and the Steel Cap.


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