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The Palazzo Ralph Lauren Luxury Members Club Is The First Of Its Kind

By Victor Baker


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Palazzo Ralph Lauren

In case you’ve ever thought your shopping experience is not exciting or stylish enough, Ralph Lauren has decided to take things up a notch by opening a private club in Milan, called the Palazzo Ralph Lauren. The first of its kind, this exclusive members-only club has been opened for the brand’s most valuable customers, taking luxury shopping to new heights.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren is located is a charming Art Nouveau building in Milan, known as Casa Campanini, covering over 12,000 square feet where members could enjoy anything from fashion shows to private events, organized by Ralph Lauren, of course.

The Palazzo also shows off the brand’s exquisite Home collection, with pieces displayed right on the terrace of this massive home, from where you can actually buy them. Designed to make shoppers feel at home, Ralph Lauren’s club/store is accessible by appointment only, as any respectable VIP customer would do.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren

One of the most interesting things about the Palazzo Ralph Lauren is definitely the Purple Label area, with clothing and fabrics that will impress all men. Club members could also enjoy exclusive reservations at Ralph Lauren’s eateries, invitations to special events and many other personalized services.

For the opening night for example, only 300 clients were invited to tour the Palazzo Ralph Lauren, which says a lot about the exclusivity of this place.  The lavish shopping suites and the sprawling rooftop terrace will be enough to make you love this place instantly, and if you add the in-house chef and the private shows, it gets even better.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren

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