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The Nvidia Project Shield Portable Gaming System

By Adrian Prisca


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To be honest, we’ve never though nVidia will ever jump up with a gaming console. The famous manufacturer of graphic adaptors has recently presented the Project Shield, a gaming device working on Android software. Let’s check nVidia’s first ever consumer electronics product out.

The console uses the in-house Tegra 4 chipset, alongside a 5-inch display with 720p touch-screen. Able to play both PC and Android games, Project Shield is finished in matte black with chrome accents and comes equipped with D-pad bumpers, controller buttons and analog sticks.

In addition, what’s even more staggering, the console is not just a head-on games platform, but also a 4k movie player and even 4k TV via HDMI. Furthermore, users can also multitask while playing music in the background and check their personal emails. This means it can be used even as your regular smartphone or tablet. The connection to the Internet is realised via Wi-Fi.

Technically, the nVidia Project Shield can provide enough battery life for up to 10 hours of continuous gaming and 24 hours of HD videos. We’re waiting for more info regarding its availability and price.

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