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The Morgan EV3 Junior is Here to Charm All Children

Morgan EV3 Junior

Founded back in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, the family-owned British motor car manufacturer has charmed the entire world with its unique vehicles, which seem to remind us all of the good old days. That’s why we were a little surprised last year when Morgan has announced their first production electric vehicle.

Capable of reaching 100 mph and doing 0 to 60 mph in just 8 seconds, the beautiful Morgan EV3 has been a massive hit from day one. And this week Morgan has decided to celebrate this new chapter in the company’s history by announcing the arrival of the EV3 Junior.

Aimed at aspiring young Morgan owners, the Morgan EV3 Junior is entirely handmade, just like its bigger sibling, and it’s equally gorgeous, featuring a carbon fiber body, a wooden dashboard and a lovely, hand stitched leather interior.

Morgan EV3 Junior

This incredible toy will reach 16 km/h and comes in Sport Red, Sport Green or Sport Ivory paint, with black or tan leather inside. But if you want it to match your other Morgan, you should know that any paint from the company’s range can be selected at just a small cost.

Other features worth mentioning are the working lights and authentic enamel badge detailing, that will surely make children over the age of 6 smile endlessly. Starting off at just £6,662.50 +VAT, each EV3 Junior will be delivered along with a handbook and a 12-month warranty. This seems like the perfect present for little ones.

Morgan EV3 Junior


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