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The Breathtaking Shumba Camp Invites you to Zambia

Shumba Camp

Zambia’s fascinating Busanga Plains are filled with hungry antelope and lions every dry season – you can probably imagine what comes next. Nestled on the northern tip of Kafue National Park, Shumba Camp is a magical place where you can experience this dramatic turn of events live, with no interruptions or editing, while enjoying incredible amenities in the middle of everything.

Guests at this wonderful safari retreat will wake up every day on a plush four-poster bed and enjoy a warm shower from their tent’s beautiful en-suite bathroom. With an expanse of red sky above, a sea of golden grass below, and roaming animals all around, we see no reason for you to get bored once you arrive here.

Shumba Camp

Shumba Camp at daybreak is a sight to behold, one that every single person should get to enjoy, and the dining experiences here are absolutely amazing as well. Meals are usually prepared over an open fire, adding to a particular aroma and taste, and guests will get to dine on beautifully decorated viewing decks that allow them to savor the natural sights around.

Last but not least, we should also mention the unique safari experiences. The knowledgeable guides of Shumba are organizing unforgettable excursions into the African territory every single day, helping guests to get a closer look at lions, wild dogs, lone cheetahs, elephants, and even hippo families. Be brave, book your tickets to Zambia and make your reservation!

Shumba Camp


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