The Luxury Leaf (Folha) House in Rio de Janeiro

Here’s a luxury home that will literally take your breath away. Located on the coast to the south of Rio de Janeiro, this leaf-shaped home rises out of the landscape like a work of nature with a truly unique design. This work of architecture by Mareines and Patalano has been named as “Casa Folha” which actually means Leaf House.

The luxury villa is a large tropical shelter housed under a roof that is shaped like a complex leaf. Its six sections contain a large central atrium, a two story open patio and a few sections of private and shared space within. The interior of the home is also as stunning as its exterior with a lot of elements inspired from the surrounding landscape, with fine woof floors and walls with earth tone accents.

Another remarkable element of this house is its lighting with hidden lights doing much of the work of bringing out the home’s true character at night and large windows creating an abundance of light throughout the house on daylight and allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.