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The Luxurious Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet


Keplero is the first of its kind – an awesome, magnetic, luxury wallet made of pure carbon fiber. It may be thinnest and lightest wallet you’ve ever seen, and it may take a while to experience it, since it’s now undergoing a Kickstarter campaign. However, that does not mean it is not worthy of our attention, or praise.

Keplero has no mechanical components, thanks to its simple magnetic mechanism that uses four (or six) lightweight parts, or slices, which stack together exactly like a sandwich. This modular design allows users to choose how many credit cards they want to carry around, which may be even more useful than you might think. Old-fashioned people will also benefit from a money clip on the back.


The Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet has been designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, although this amanzingly thing wallet is also extremely durable and lightweight. Each part of the Keplero wallet has been milled from a single block of carbon fiber, which will allow it to last forever.

That might sound like advertising, but Keplero has withstood the weight of a steamroller of over 5.5k lb without breaking it one bit. It’s definitely worth the wait!


[kickstarter via GearHungry]


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