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The Lotus Elise Sprint Will Certainly Impress You

By Victor Baker


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Lotus Elise Sprint

Unveiled just a few days ago, the new Lotus Elise Sprint is an updated version of the automaker’s iconic sportscar, which aims to take the Elise to the next level. You see, the British sportscar manufacturer managed to reduce overall weight of this beauty by exactly 41 kg, using many carbon-fiber components, which translate into more extreme performances and better handling.

The new version of the Elise brags about several lightweight elements, such as a lithium-ion battery, carbon race seats, and a fresh set of alloys, among many other carbon fiber goodies. For instance, the carbon access panel, roll hoop cover, engine cover and polycarbonate rear screen were also part of the diet.

Lotus Elise Sprint

The list goes on, but let’s just focus on the powerplant – a 1.6-liter good for around 134 hp or the 217-hp 1.8-liter – obviously, we’d go for the more powerful version. Combined with the redesigned front clam panel and a new rear transom panel with two rear lights, things are bound to get interesting.

Inside, a detailed open-gate manual gearbox will offer precise and quicker shifting, while fresh graphics on the instrument panel and possibly an in-car entertainment system with iPod connectivity and Bluetooth will make the ride that more memorable. Please note that the special Elise Spring can be yours for just £37,300 (1,6-liter) or £44,300 for the more powerful version.

Lotus Elise Sprint

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