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The Awe-Inspiring Sankara Hotel & Spa Is Worth Visiting

By Victor Baker


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Sankara Hotel

Nestled on the remote Japanese island of Yakushima, the blissful Sankara Hotel & Spa is one of those rare gems that are totally worth the effort, time or cash needed to come to this unique corner of the Earth. Surrounded by a stunning natural decor, provided by this lush island of towering rock spires and dense forests, this is the kind of place you’ll never want to leave.

That might be a problem, but if you do manage to head out home, you’ll want to return here as soon as possible. Aside from its spectacular green surroundings, this amazing hotel will also charm you with incredible interiors, modern amenities and a minimalist atmosphere that will make your days here unforgettable.

Sankara Hotel

You may choose one of 29 extraordinary rooms at the Sankara Hotel, featuring modern Japanese furnishings and drool-inducing views of the sea. Activities available for your enjoyment at this high-end hotel include hiking through the incredible natural habitats of Yakushima, relaxing at the outdoor pool or taking a break from it all at the superb Thai-inspired spa.

But sitting down at the captivating Ayana restaurant and waiting for your favorite French dish as you sip on an aromatic glass of wine seems to be pleasant as well. Okas aims to please you with its tropical meals too, making your dinner time choice that much more difficult. Nonetheless, Sankara seems to be an easy choice ready to be made.

Sankara Hotel

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