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The MCT Dodekal One D110 Looks Ruggedly Handsome

By Victor Baker


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MCT Dodekal One D110

Swiss luxury watchmaker MCT plans to unveil at Baselworld 2017 this super cool MCT Dodekal One D110, an eye catching timepiece that will lure you to the dark side. The brainchild of Denis Giguet, this innovative watch is based on the brand’s sci-fi 43 mm cushion case, adding a “digital” jumping indicator under the dial.

Don’t get fooled, though, as this MCT timepiece is a purely mechanical creation. Incredibly complex and boasting a cool vibe, this conceptual watch aims to stand the test of time – in more ways than one.

MCT Dodekal One D110

The MCT Dodekal One D110 is powered by the in-house caliber MCT-D1, with automatic winding and a micro-rotor made of 18k gold. This means 18,800bph and backup energy to last 50 hours. The 43 mm case will withstand 30-meter deep waters – as you’d expect, considering it’s made from titanium – and will benefit from various elegant color themes.

MCT has been silent about the MCT Dodekal One D110 timepiece collection, but we do know that only 25 pieces of each color version will be sold – the all titanium version will sell for 55,000 CHF, while the version in titanium and pink gold will cost you 61,000 CHF, but we don’t know anything about the rest. Whatever you might choose, we doubt you will be disappointed.

MCT Dodekal One D110

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