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The Island Of Madeira Tempts Us With The Choupana Hills Resort & Spa

By Victor Baker


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Choupana Hills Resort

Located on the mesmerizing island of Madeira, Portugal, the Choupana Hills Resort is comprised of 56 gorgeous rooms, two family bungalows, and four amazing suites – all surrounded by exotic sub-tropical gardens and offering views of the Atlantic Ocean that would make anyone feel weak at the knees.

The perfect position of this luxury resort, right above the port-town of Funchal, allows guests to feel on top of the world, starting their days on the veranda while savoring the fragrances of sub-tropical flowers and finishing it off by looking at the city lights blending into the ocean.

The interiors are equally incredible, featuring warm wood and red tones, with decor and furniture specially chosen by interior decorator Didier Lefort for this unique retreat. She was inspired by Asian, African, and other exotic cultures and architecture.

Choupana Hills Resort

If you’ll be able to take your eyes off those mind blowing views, the Choupana Hills Resort has a lovely restaurant and a small bar, waiting for you in a separate annex. A third building houses the Choupana Hills Health and Beauty Spa, where two- and three-day progressive treatments will take over your body and soul, and never let go.

But you can do a lot more things here than just relax: if you’re more the adventurous type, you should know that an early hike into the mountains, towering over the town of Funchal, is possible and encouraged. On your way back, you can descend through the botanical gardens right down to the center of town.

And if time permits it, feel free to add a round of golf to your schedule, with both Palheiro Golf Course and Santo da Serra welcoming your game.

Choupana Hills Resort

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