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The Dubai Rosemont Hotel & Residence Is A Stunning Oasis

By Victor Baker


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Dubai Rosemont Hotel

Dubai is a place known for many things, but it’s most famous for being the land of endless partying, amazing shopping experiences and ultimate luxury. This electrifying city is proof of what money and a vivid imagination can create right in the middle of the desert, with the latest project breaking the limits once more.

A new luxury property in the city’s Al Thanyah district is set to be the first man-made construction in the world to feature its own forest. The jaw dropping Dubai Rosemont Hotel & Residences will feature its own 75,000-square-feet jungle, complemented by a splash pool and café.

I’m sure you didn’t see this coming! Covering 1.1 million sq. feet, the luxurious complex will include two glass skyscrapers on top of a massive retail space, one of them being an incredible 53-story hotel. The other sykscraper is meant to be a lavish 55-storey apartment building.

Dubai Rosemont Hotel

With 448 hotel rooms and 280 furnished apartments on offer, including a huge 6,300-square-feet presidential suite – with a private spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, the Rosemont Hotel & Residence will probably be responsible for setting new standards in luxury living and accommodation all over the world.

Let’s not forget about the “indoor jungle”, which will supposedly benefit from recycled water, collected from condensation. Also worth mentioning is the artificial beach, meant to be sand-less, as well as the cantilevered infinity sky pool, that will come with a glass bottom, plus the bowling alley, nightclub and high-tech gaming entertainment.

Robotic luggage handlers will try to justify the $550-million price-tag of this futuristic property where we can’t wait to book a room.

Dubai Rosemont Hotel

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