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The impressive Track One Board is Ready to Tackle Anything

By Victor Baker


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Track One

We all know what a skateboard is, but the creative team behind the Seattle-based Flux Design Co. might have a unique take on it. They think a skateboard should be electric, with an utilitarian vibe about itself, hence the interesting project before you.

This all-terrain board, dubbed as the Track One, was recently developed by this company, featuring an ultra light deck made of carbon fiber + kevlar, with ATV-grade wheels at the front and tank treads at the back. Pretty cool, right?

With a top speed of over 20 mph (32 km/h) and range of 12 miles (19 km), there’s plenty of fun to be had with this thing. The rider makes use of a remote control while leaning into turns to steer, as removable bindings keep them safe and in check.

Track One

The rear-driven track, reminiscent of war machines, was designed to help you navigate sharp turns and skids, although it’s the motor-braking that will bring you to a halt – experienced drivers might have used that technique for a while now.

Extremely durable, the deck is constructed from layers of carbon fiber mixed with kevlar and a special core material, while the removable handlebars benefit from carbon, aluminum, and Chromoly. The 5-hp electric motor will keep it moving and even though you might want more power and speed, we’re sure this board’s off road capabilities will make you want one.

You could fund this project right now on IndieGogo and you could even get a special early bird deal at just $1,999.

Track One

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