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Tiffany & Co. Introduced a Stunning Home & Accessories Collection

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Tiffany & Co. Home Accessories

Tiffany & Co. has just unveiled a new mouth watering home & accessories collection, showing off the company’s unique take on modern life and blending in functionality with nothing but the finest materials. The renowned American jeweler has managed to take a protractor, ruler, drinking straw, paint can, first aid box and a paper cup from ordinary to extraordinary, handcrafting them in sterling silver.

Showing off incredible levels of craftsmanship and design, this stunning collection displays a paint can that’s artfully transformed into a crystal ice bucket with a sterling silver trim. The Loring Tea Set, on the other hand, was inspired by the steel tread pattern found in the streets and subways of New York City – it should keep you warm on a cold, winter day.

Tiffany & Co. Home Accessories

Bold patterns can be easily noticed throughout the collection, with an interesting wheat leaf motif and cut crystal pieces. There’s also a cool geometric pattern, named Diamond Point series, featuring glass, porcelain and silver objects that will impress anyone with the originality behind the idea – money isn’t everything, you know.

As most of you ignore that statement, feel free to admire the iconic Tiffany Blue applied to a casual tea service set in bone china and on several chic leather accessories. Do you want any of these pieces?

Tiffany & Co. Home Accessories

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