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Mecaer’s Silens Takes the Helicopter Experience to the Next Level

By Victor Baker


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Mecaer Silens

Helicopters were designed to be fast, comfortable and easy to land – well, not originally, but you get the point. But one issue still remains many, many years after the helicopters went mainstream – the noise level. Avoiding traffic is cool and all, but traveling comfortably, in style and complete silence might also be appreciated – something that the team at Mecaer have anticipated.

Thanks to them, you can now forget all about those weird noise-cancelling headsets and enjoy the company’s new sound-reducing technology called SILENS, which supposedly reduces the noise and vibration. The helicopter’s airframe can now benefit from special inserts that create a barrier between the passenger area and the airframe, thus allowing people to enjoy a unique flight experience.

Mecaer Silens

The delivery of a special VIP-configured AgustaWestland AW139, equipped with this SILENS technology and the company’s cool In-Flight Enhanced Entertainment Lounge should be more than enough to feel excited, even if you are not the proud owner of this impressive helicopter.

The I-FEEL system runs the audio and video systems, the SatCom phone, the electrochromic windows, moving maps, and external cameras, making a trip aboard the helicopter feel like a care-free digital environment with a private vibe to it.  The AW139’s cabin will accommodate as many as 15 passengers as the helicopter flies as fast as 190 mph for up to 575 miles. Do you have any particular destination in mind?

Mecaer Silens

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