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The Golden Eye Resort Is The Place To Get Inspired

By Victor Baker


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Golden Eye Resort

Jamaica’s Golden Eye resort is so beautiful that it even managed to inspire Mr. Ian Fleming to come up with probably the most famous character of all time: 007. If this place is good enough for the well-known author, than it must be worthy of attention. First off, feel free to dip your toes in the lagoon; I doubt you’ll want to get up and leave any time soon.

Located on Low Cay Beach, the 17 bespoke cottages and grounds that form up Golden Eye will leave you daydreaming about James Bond’s adventures, while keeping you completely relaxed. This secluded fragment of beautiful Jamaica will definitely impress you with its stunning shores and breathtaking views, not to mention the lovely beaches.

Golden Eye Resort

You should know that various celebrities frequent this resort, which could only mean two things: this location is top rated, and will also provide you with the privacy you seek. While cooling off in the pool, you might spot some of your favorite stars, but try keeping the media coverage to a minimum.

Hovering over the coral reef in the turquoise ocean sounds like an equally exciting alternative, so it’s up to you. In the meantime, please note that each abode boasts an outdoor shower, widescreen LCD televisions, wireless internet, soaker tubs and beds topped with the hotel’s line of batik-splashed linens.

Dining will be unforgettable, at one of two restaurants of the resort: the hanging Gazebo or Bizot Bar. Have a good trip!

Golden Eye Resort


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