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The Equestrian Retreat Tudor Farms is up for sale

By Adrian Prisca


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The enormous hunting and equestrian retreat Tudor Farms, located in the tony Chesapeake town of Cambridge, Maryland, has been listed for sale for “just” $30 million. But this farm is not even close to any regular farm house, it’s a 6,250 acre property that offers a freakishly private and luxurious experience and comes complete with an indoor basketball court, stables and even a tennis court.

The farm houses a 14,000 square foot main house with eleven bedrooms and bathrooms and great indoors. The living room is actually an indoor treehouse, which is actually a  fascinating interpretation of the whole “bringing the outdoors in” thing. The house also boasts a circular dining room with a 360-degree painted mural depicting the grassy grounds.

Brilliant and luxurious furniture and decor elements make the Tudor Farms one of the most stylish farms out there and probably one of the most expensive indoor treehouses as well for its $30 million price tag.


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