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Luxury Faucets With Swarovski Crystals from Maier

By Adrian Prisca


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The Spanish manufacturers from Maier have released a couple of alluring luxury faucets adorned with Swarovski crystals, perfect for stylish and opulent bathrooms. Thee are more designs available and customers could choose between a complex floral design or a more simple, classic design for their bathroom fixtures.

These luxury faucets are decked up with different Swarovski elements and can be ordered in either chrome, gold or satin gold.  The floral patters have more than 1,720 Swarovski crystals embedded on the faucet while the more simple designs come with two rows of Swarovski crystals on the faucet.

Any of these luxury faucets will make a bathroom more glamorous and your guests will surely notice their beauty whenever they use your bathroom. Every faucet from Maier comes with a Certificate of Guarantee for 5 years. There are no details on pricing yet, but you can find out more information about these bathroom fixture by checking out the company’s website.


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