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The Corby Mansion is a Historic Masterpiece in Chevy Chase, Maryland

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Situated in Chevy Chase, Maryland, the Corby Mansion was host to many presidents along its long history, from Grover Cleveland to George W. Bush. Nowadays, it has just hit the market for the first time in decades. This charming historic estate was built back in 1893 for Nevada congressman and senator Francis Newlands.

It was designed by Leon E. Dessez, the architect of the Admiral’s House, which is now the official residence of the vice president of the United States at the Naval Observatory. Corby Mansion’s history includes several other owners, including William S. Corby, the heir to the Mother’s Bread fortune.

The current owners bought the property back in 1991 and used it to entertain various foreign dignitaries, politicians and presidents and other international brokers, businessmen and celebrities.

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The lavish mansion before you has a total of 13,900 square feet and features 22 rooms, 7 full bathrooms and 3 half baths, an extremely spacious living room, and a formal dining room. The property also has a carriage house with a two car garage and more living space.

The interior houses a large mahogany library, a music room with an Aeolian pipe organ, a mesmerizing grand ballroom and a reflecting pool in the back. The mansion is not a family home and certainly isn’t for anyone both in what it offers and the price tag, which rises to $22.5 million. It looks more fit for a art collector or the type of person interested in organizing high class events or galleries.

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