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The Constance Le Prince Maurice Resort in Mauritius

By Adrian Prisca


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Located upon the stunning African Archipelago of Mauritius, east of the Island of Madagascar, the Constance Le Prince Maurice Resort is just 25 minutes away from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, and 15 minutes away from the airport by helicopter.

Guests are poised to be amazed by the massive beauty of Constance Le Prime Maurice from the moment they arrive. Upon check-in they are greeted by superb rooms placed atop stilts, sharing breathtaking views over a natural fish reserve. Superbly placed on a large retreat, the resort is as tranquil as it is luxurious, engulfed in spicy aromas and the fresh smell of the clear ocean.

It comprises a total of 76 Junior Suites, 12 Senior Suites and a Princely Suite. They are all gorgeously garnished with state of the art amenities and soothing tones. The Princely Suite opens directly towards the superb lagoon, though, providing the best in luxury and views.

Boasting with rather interesting and very much protected histories, like ancient spice trades, Constance Le Prince Maurice is ready to provide you with incursions in these pasts through stunningly tasting foods and perfumed essences.

In addition, if lounging is just too boring for you, you can either choose to learn how to play tennis or take yoga lessons. The resort also boasts with an 18 hole golf course beside the sea and a fine spa which brings forth both local and international treatments. In addition, think of all the wildlife and lush vegetation you can explore all day long, whenever you want to.

At the Constance Le Prince Maurice, nightly rates start at €335 per night and strictly depend on guests’ trifles.

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