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The Beautiful St. Regis Hotel from Washington, D.C.

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the most opulent hotels in the US, the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C., is located minutes away from the National Reagan Airport and an hour away from the Dulles International Airport and Baltimore National Airport. Upon arriving in Washington D.C., you can contact the hotel and reserve a taxi or private car to pick you up.

Through its fame, the hotel tops presidents’ and prime ministers’ lists. Just a couple of blocks away from the White House, every American President since its grand opening in 1926 has spent a few days here.

Its design is based on the Italian Renaissance style, having undergone a high number of restorations and renovations during the years, especially in 2008, but it has so far arisen from its ashes. The high-tech entertainment systems and modern furnishings beautifully assort with the original Palladian windows and the Louis XVI chandeliers, throughout its rooms and suites, in an extremely elegant way.

Among the available services there’s the St. Regis Butler that knows his job – to unpack your bags, bring up coffee and fresh fruit as well as to make lunch reservations or tend to secretarial services. Furthermore, take a seat on one of The Bar’s plush velvet chairs to enjoy some of the greatest cocktails in USA.

The Ardour may be the next on your list, a superb dining spot, where every service makes the royalty in you shine out. You may enjoy French American cuisine prepared by the renowned chef Alain Ducasse, or enjoy an exquisite bottle of champagne with your beloved.

If we told you the price for a night of stay at the St. Regis, you’d probably call us liars. But those we aren’t. Starting at $325 / night, it’s a pity to miss a gorgeous vacation or a business meeting here.


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  1. This is a GREAT place to stay in DC. The staff is great from the time you walk in until you exit. They’ve remodeled the hotel a few years ago and did a very lovely job with the upgrades. Some of my experiences was seeing the NFL owners during the lockout discussions such as Jerry Jones, Brad Pitt at the bar at night, or Harrison Ford in the lobby. I’m there several times a year and recommend to to everyone.

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