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The Baby is a spectacular £475,000 piano

Just a couple of days ago we’ve presented the world’s most luxurious piano, a dazzling Goldfinch creation covered in diamonds and specifically made for a Qatari sheik and today the Cambridge-based company has decided to surprise us with another beauty, a unique piano called “The Baby”.

Designed in collaboration with Based Upon, a renowned artist studio from London, this marvelous piano is actually a fantastic sculpture made by hand and fitted with a fine Goldfinch piano. The unique shape of this bespoke piano is inspired by mysterious patterns in the nature, repeating themselves to create a futuristic form, with flowing curves and lines that seem to be go on forever.

Based Upon worked on this sculpture concept for over 9 years, calling it the Twist. They’ve already designed special editions of tablets and consoles featuring this amazing concept and now they’ve reimagined it as a mesmerizing piano.

Priced at £475,000, this piano comes to life when the tri-oval top elevates, twisting away from its base to reveal a wonderful baby grand piano. Based Upon used exclusive hand finished metals for the exterior of this beauty, showing off their earth and outer space inspiration through seductively tactile resins.


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