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Beautiful Handcrafted Guideboats from Kevlar and Cedar

Adirondack Guideboat is a small company from Vermont specialized in handcrafting amazing guideboats from Kevlar and cedar. These beautiful vessels might look a lot like canoes, but in fact they’re very, very different. They’re way more elegant and more stable than canoes because passengers sit much lower in the boat, nearly on its floor.

Guideboats are also rowed with long oars and they need to be extremely light and easy to carry around. Featuring a design that was almost unchanged for two centuries, these guideboats are incredibly detailed and could take between three and six months to craft from over 120 pieces of wood and other bespoke materials.

Justin and Ian Martin have started working for Adirondack back in 2000 and they’ve loved this company so much that in 2012 they’ve bought it from the founders and have taken their tradition and reputation even further. They don’t craft simple wooden vessels, they create true works of art!

Even Martha Stewart has bought one of these incredible guideboats a couple of years ago and the prices are not what we would call cheap, especially for the mesmerizing cedar versions. Priced between $14,960 and $18,040, there are several different models available, available in lengths from 13 to 19 feet. I’m sure you’ll love them!



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