The Articulated Dream Luxury Motorhome from Visibly Loud

Visibly Loud Articulated Dream

Visibly Loud has been in the motorhome business for years and now they used all their experience to create a bespoke luxury motorhome for the rich and famous. The luxury motorhome was dubbed as the “Articulated Dream” by Visibly Loud and it’s probably the most spacious motorhomes on the market worldwide at the moment.

It can be best described as a 1 or 2 bedroom cosmopolitan apartment in one of the major cities of the world but the good part of this home is that you can basically take it in any city of the world. The motorhome is elegant and stylish highlighted by the “Flushline” finish and custom build to meet any individual needs and taste of the client.

The Articulated Dream has a usable living space of 55 to 60 square meter and it’s width could go from 2.55m in Transit mode to 4.70m in Living mode. The motorhome has a height of 4 meters and it’s 13.85 m long. It features 2 stylish bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a living room and also a modern kitchen.

What’s very, very interesting about this motorhome is the high-tech home automation system with a touch screen computer that can undertake almost any task from the motorhome: lighting controls, blind controls, tank, ac power, battery and fuse monitor as well as generator and alarm controls.

The luxurious home on wheels also features a high end audio visual system, a high security entry system with a swipe card entry supported by a remote control operated deadlock system, self seeking satellite with internet access and TV access and also provides storage for a scooter and materials.

So, if you’re film star, music star, racing driver, athlete or well… a business manager that’s always on the run and you’re looking for a perfect home on wheels, the Articulated Dream might be what you were looking for. You can find even more info by visiting Visibly Loud.