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The $35,000 Nixie Machine III is a new Timekeeping Marvel from MB&F

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Excuse me, do you know what time it is? It’s the ‘magic hour’ – MB&F time! Yes indeed, the innovative Swiss luxury watch brand – known for its unusual, yet mesmerizing designs – has revealed the MB&F Nixie Machine III, a new incredible table clock.

Limited to only 18 examples, this spectacular watch is set to cost CHF 32,000 (or $35,000), and can be purchased exclusively from the M.A.D. Galleries in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

We are currently looking at the third and final Nixie Machine, developed in collaboration with the acclaimed German light object designer Frank Buchwald. The Nixie Machine III (or, NM3) looks very familiar, since it’s inspired by previous iterations, and brags about six Nixie tubes forming one of the coolest table clocks we’ve ever seen. Well, just look at it!

MB&F Nixie Machine III 2

Nixie, or Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1 tubes, are basically gas-filled glass tubes, with a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes, that look like numerals and symbols and would hypnotize anyone in their path. The nixie tubes, or the cold cathode display, is what turned heads before LED lights took over the world.

Some of you might consider it obsolete technology, but Nixie tubes and their distinctive orange glow look ridiculously cool – at least, to me – which is why retro-inspired designers and some steampunk creators put them to good use.

MB&F Nixie Machine III 3

The MB&F Nixie Machine III simply looks fantastic. Representing an evolution of its predecessor, this watch features two tiny legs at the rear and two big ones at the front, with the Nixie tubes arranged in such a manner that the table clock resembles a scorpion. Am I right?

MB&F Nixie Machine III 5

It should be mentioned that most of the components – legs, plates, and arm – are all made out of stainless steel, contrasted by various brass elements of the design.

Nixie tubes aside, the NM3 comes with a surprise: Wi-Fi technology, which means that the watch benefits from Internet connectivity and will synchronize on-line to make sure you don’t arrive late at work. Do you want one?

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