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Techart reveals an Irresistible Porsche Cayenne Magnum Sport

By Victor Baker


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Porsche Cayenne Magnum Sport

It’s been 30 years since Techart has been taking Porsche supercars to the next level, and that calls for a celebration, right? That’s why the renowned German tuner has unveiled an incredible ‘Edition 30 Years‘ of its Magnum Sport, an outrageous version of the Porsche Cayenne that received a special treatment inside-out and also a few exciting upgrades in terms of power and handling.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the car’s refined interior. The lucky owners of this German SUV will find a wonderful mix of exquisite leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber and many sporty details inside the cabin, with bespoke faces for the instrument panels, Sports Chrono dials and a redesigned three-spoke steering wheel, complementing this new exclusive look.

Porsche Cayenne Magnum Sport

On the outside, this new Magnum Sport looks familiar. Compared to the standard Porsche Cayenne, it comes with a stunning wide body kit, complete with a set of new bumpers, a sporty hood, plus a huge rear diffuser and a new rear spoiler which make this Cayenne look a little bit scary. And it should be, considering the fact that this SUV could be packing up to 720 horsepower under the hood, which should be more than enough for anyone who loves speed.

Techart’s Magnum Sport ‘Edition 30 Years’ upgrade will be available for all Cayenne versions, from the base model, all the way up to the Cayenne Turbo S and the Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Sadly, we have no idea how much this exclusive package will set you back. Does it really matter?

Porsche Cayenne Magnum Sport

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