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Stunning contemporary home in Madrid: Casa i-home

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you looking forward to have your own corner of paradise built in 21st century styles? We’ve got something to make your imagination go wild, right here at Luxatic – the marvelous Casa i-home. It has been developed, constructed and designed in such a way that it looks extremely cool and every one of its features is easily controllable via iPad or iPhone.

One can stumble upon this magnificent property if they head to a secluded street within Cuatro Torres, in La Morajela district, Madrid, Spain. As you’d have probably thought, it has been fitted with contemporary features like wall cladding with LED lighting, geothermic climate control system and has been constructed from ecological materials which confer it a motherload of greenness.

A fully automated residence, it boasts with curtains, alarm system, indoor and outdoor music system, CCTV and lighting all controllable via iPad or iPhone. The climate control can be programmed to automatically control the curtains in order to match the available light and the exterior lighting systems, entirely depending on the season.

Furthermore, Casa i-home also has fiber-optic system installation, a true modern day feature. The ground floor is large and cozy, providing facile access towards the garden. This way, occupants and residents can experience alfresco dining closely knit to their home. In addition, the fully endowed kitchen and the breakfast bar are tied to the diner and lounge.

Hita & Partners were commissioned to pen down such a magnificent residence. And, to be honest, Casa i-home is quite an achievement!


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