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Stealth Division skateboard with telematics system

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Skateboarding, a sport that has its roots back into the 1960s, is aimed for all sorts of enthusiasts, be them children or people in the second age. There were a lot of studies and research involved in this activity, destined to improve the quality and handling of the skateboard, the center of it.

Even though the skateboard manufacturers already implemented all sorts of high-efficiency materials into fabricating them, like carbon fiber or rare varieties of wood, there’s always a need for more. Here we have the Stealth Division Mach 1 skateboard, which has been implemented an innovative telematics system, making it the first board in the world that features such technology.

The system was designed and built by a military-related brand famous in the field of advanced telematics, Edgetrak. They co-worked with the renowned WeFunk to create the most high-tech skateboard on market today. Two of the features that put this board apart from all others are the F1 racing-car design and the GPS tracking system.

The manufacturers used an Ash & Airex Core and Makrolon reinforced tail and nose sections along with carbon fiber laminates, all these granting the skateboard able to resist hard collisions. The movement system is based on CNC-treated aluminum alloys with customizable height and raking features, assuring the user with great comfort and control over the board.

There’s also a rugged surface added to the skateboard, to the rear end of it, allowing the user to get a better hold to it and eliminate any slipping. The surface is called Corundum, and experts consider it the second hardest material after diamond. Specially-carved cut-outs were done to add additional wheels clearance as well as flared ends to the platforms for more efficient breaking over hard surfaces. The whole system was designed to be light and thus has a total grip weight of 1.2 kilos.

But, what makes this toy special is the telematics system, located to the front end of the skateboard, completely inlaid into the board. It helps determine G-forces, vibrations, speed and ultimately location. Furthermore, there’s a radio rider info system that gives information on the activities.

The price tag reaches $13,070 for the prototype, but will surely be sold for even higher prices on the market.


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