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Amazing Apple iPhone Docking System: Amethyst X-1

By Adrian Prisca


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We don’t know how to put it regarding the looks of this gadget; it looks like many different things, from outer space battleships to fish. The thing about it is that it’s actually a stand-alone docking system for your iPhone. The Amethyst X-1, as the manufacturers call it, can also be used as docking station for both iPhones and popular MP3 players.

Its futuristic looks include a 2.1 speaker system, with the two speakers on the tips of its wings and the subwoofer in the middle. The controls are done through a remote control system, with the help of which one can adjust volume, tones and other sound characteristics, or can simply navigate through the playlist.

However, the best thing about it is a totally different form of control, through gestures. That’s right! The Amethyst X-1 can be managed by simple gestures of your hand, while the inboard IR sensor will interpret them and translate them into simple commands.

The system is priced at $149,99, and can be acquired from Brookstone. It may be a wonderful gadget if you’re an iPhone enthusiast or a gift for someone you love.


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